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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Forthcoming. “Why Compete for Firms?: Electoral Effects of Corporate Headquarters Relocation." American Journal of Political Science 

[pre-print] [appendix]


Forthcoming. “Target, Information, and Trade Preferences: Evidence from Survey Experiment in East Asia." American Journal of Political Science [With Sung Eun Kim, Jong Hee Park, and Inbok Rhee]

[pre-print] [appendix]

2023. “Who Votes for Free Trade and When? Geopolitics as the Sources of Legislative Preferences on Free Trade Agreements." Review of International Political Economy [With Sung Eun Kim]

2022. “Gasoline in the Voter’s Pocketbook: Driving Times to Work and the Electoral Implications of Gasoline Price Fluctuations." American Politics Research [With Sung Eun Kim]

2021. “Barking Up the Wrong Tree: Retrospective Voting, Natural Disasters, and Electoral Backlash.” Comparative Political Studies, 54(7):1163-1196 [With Brian Blankenship, Ryan Kennedy, and Johannes Urpelainen]

2017. “Policy Reform and the Problem of Private Investment: Evidence from the Power Sector.” Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 36 (1): 38-64 [With Johannes Urpelainen]

Selected Working Papers

“Corporate Moves and Political Choices: Business Location Decisions, Public Perceptions, and Electoral Outcomes" (Book Manuscript in Progress) 

“Belligerence Benefits: Public Opinion and Audience Costs in Trade Wars” [with Ashton Cho]

“To Stay or to Go? Sources of Domestic Support for Foreign Direct Investment in Kenya" [With Inbok Rhee]

“United Nations Sanctions and Public Support for Target Leaders’ Policy Choices.” [With Elena McLean and Taehee Whang]


“Public Support For Foreign Aid in Donor and Recipient Countries." [With Sung Eun Kim, Jong Hee Park, and Inbok Rhee]

“Effect of International Organizations’ Direct Engagement with the Public: Information Source Effect, IO Legitimacy, and Public Opinion" [With Byungwon Woo and Nam Kyu Kim]

“Gaining Hearts & Minds: Evidence from A Multi-country Conjoint Experiments On Public Diplomacy" [With Sung Eun Kim, Jong Hee Park, and Inbok Rhee]

“Hate Crime in the U.S. and International Reputation: Evidence from 11 Countries.” [With Sung Eun Kim, Jong Hee Park, and Inbok Rhee]

“Domestic Demand for Political Conditionality.” [with Lisa Lechner]

“An Unintentional Substitute for Democracy: Bilateral Investment Treaties and U.S. Firms’ Investment in Developing Countries.” [With Abhit Bhandari] (R&R)

“Partisan Responses to the Mobility of Firms: Political Incentives to Retain Firms and Tax Treatment.”

“Factual Information and Public Perceptions of Structural Reforms: Evidence from a Survey Experiment on Gasoline Subsidy Reform in Nigeria." [With Tom Moerenhout] (Conditionally Accepted at Journal of Policy Analysis and Management)

Book (in Korean)

2021. Informing Korea’s Soft Power Strategy: Evidence from Survey Experiments on Public Perceptions of Public Diplomacy and Foreign Aid. (in Korean) National Research Council for Economics, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Sejong, South Korea [With Sung Eun Kim, Jong Hee Park, Inbok Rhee, and others]

Work in Progress

“Economic Nationalism and Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from South Korea.”

“Public Support for Environmental Aid: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in India." [With Elena McLean and Taehee Whang]

“Public Opinion on Foreign Disaster Aid." [With Muhammet Bas and Elena McLean]

Peer-Reviewed Publications in Energy/Environmental Politics and Others

2023 “Environmental Perception and Public Attitudes toward Nuclear Energy in South Korea." East and West Studies, 35-1: 201-239 (In Korean) [with Kyu Hee Park]


2022. “Identifying coal plants for early retirement in India: A multidimensional analysis of technical, economic, and environmental factors." Applied Energy [With Nada Maamoun, Puneet Chitkara, Gireesh Shrimali, Joshua Busby, Sarang Shidore, Yana Jin, and Johannes Urpelainen]

2022. “Tax Evasion Attitudes of Small Firms in Low- and Middle-income Countries: Evidence from Nigeria." Development Policy Review [With Tom Moerenhout]

2021. “Building Social Contracts: The Determinants of Tax Morale in Nigeria." Journal of Development Studies, 57-2: 226-243 [With Neil McCulloch and Tom Moerenhout]

2021. “State Policy and Lobbying in a Federal System: Evidence from the Production Tax Credit for Renewable Energy, 1998-2012.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly, 21(1): 1-30 [With Sung Eun Kim and Johannes Urpelainen]

2021. “Fuel Subsidy Reform and the Social Contract in Nigeria: a Micro-economic Analysis." Energy Policy,

Volume 156: 112336 [With Neil McCulloch and Tom Moerenhout]

2021. “Thermoelectric Power Generation and Water Stress in India: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis." Environmental Science & Technology, 55(8): 4314-4323 [With Chao Zhang, Johannes Urpelainen, Puneet Chitkara, Jiayi Zhang, and Jiao Wang]

2020. “The Need for Impact Evaluation in Electricity Access Research." Energy Policy, 137, 111099 [With Patrick Bayer, Ryan Kennedy, and Johannes Urpelainen]

2019. “Is Coal-Fired Power Generation Associated with Rural Electrification? A Global Analysis.” Energy Research & Social Science, 58, 101274 [With Johannes Urpelainen]

2019. “Shades of Darkness or Light? A Systematic Review of Geographic Bias in Impact Evaluations of Electricity Access." Energy Research & Social Science, 58, 2019, 101236 [With Patrick Bayer, David Hamburger, Joel Jaeger, Ryan Kennedy, and Johannes Urpelainen]

2019. “Environmental Effects of GATT/WTO Membership: An Empirical Evaluation.” International Interactions, 45: 917-932 [With Sung Eun Kim and Johannes Urpelainen]

2019. “The Future of India’s Coal-Fired Power Generation Capacity.” Journal of Cleaner Production, 226: 904- 912 [With Johannes Urpelainen]

2019. “Global Patterns of Power Sector Reform, 1982-2013.” Energy Strategy Reviews, 23: 152-162 [With Johannes Urpelainen]

2018. “Power Sector Reforms and Technical Performance: Good News from an Instrumental Variable Analysis.” Review of Policy Research, 35 (1): 120-152 [With Johannes Urpelainen and Di Liu]

2016. “Electric Utilities and American Climate Policy: Lobbying by Expected Winners and Losers.” Journal of Public Policy, 36 (2): 251-275 [With Sung Eun Kim and Johannes Urpelainen]

2016. “Does Power Sector Deregulation Promote or Discourage Renewable Energy Policy? Evidence from the States, 1991-2012.” Review of Policy Research, 33 (1): 22-50 [With Sung Eun Kim and Johannes Urpelainen]

2015. “Light for All? Evaluating Brazil’s Rural Electrification Progress, 2000-2010.” Energy Policy, 86: 315-327 [With Tara Slough and Johannes Urpelainen

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